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Sequence of Photos showing a Serval Successfully Hunting Rodents


African Buffalo rubbing horns against tree trunk; African Penguin; Immature Bearded Vulture; Jackal Buzzard; Cape Mountain Zebra; Scrub Hare;

Lesser Bushbaby; Male Mountain Reedbuck; Young African Elephant Playing; Blackshouldered Kite; Mating Pair of Lions Scrapping;

Cape Francolin; Cheetahs Cleaning each other after making a kill; Hooklipped Rhinoceros sitting; Hooklipped Rhinoceros; Lion Pride; Male White Lion;

Red Hartebeest; Roan Antelope at Waterhole; Rock Dassie; South African Cliff Swallow; Southern Right Whales; Spikeheeled Lark;

Baby elephant feeding; Boomslang; Boomslang hunting at night; Cape Glossy Starling attacking Boomsland to try to keep it away from its nest; Boomslang entering nest hole of Cape Glossy Starling; Boomslang;


Photo Gallery showcasing wildlife of Pantanal, Brazil: Pantanal Wildlife Gallery

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