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Mashatu, Botswana, 2017 Wildlife Photo Gallery

Honey Badger fighting off Lion cubs.

A mother Honey Badger and her baby were being tormented by two Lionesses and Six 8m old cubs.

The lions tried to kill the honey badgers.

But the honey badgers managed to get away and the following morning one of the lionesses was limping after a bite from one of the badgers.

A very rare yellow-throated morph of the Whitefronted Bee-eater.

The yellow-throated morph is seen here next to a typically-coloured whitefronted bee-eater, with a red-throat.

Little-banded Goshawk (or Shikra) being mobbed by a Lilacbreasted Roller.

Group of Whitefronted Bee-eaters huddling together for warmth in the cool of early morning.

Pale phase Tawny Eagle feeding on Helmeted Guineafowl.


Slender Mongoose at waterhole.

Slender Mongoose running.

Levaillant's Cuckoo at water's edge.

Largespotted genet silhouetted in tree at sunrise.

Largespotted Genet spotlit at night.

Helmeted Guineafowl.

Helmeted Guineafowl drinking.

Juvenile Helmeted Guineafowl.

Flock of Helmeted Guineafowls at waterhole.

Cheetah drinking in early evening.

Cheetahs walking in single file.

Female Cheetah stretching.

Mother Cheetah with three cubs at sunset.

Blackbacked Jackal howling.

Blackbacked Jackal yawning.

Blackbacked Jackal scratching.

Blackbacked Jackal showing off bushy tail.

Redbilled Francolin at waterhole.

Sabota Lark with grasshopper-prey in bill.

Arrowmarked Babbler.

Greenwinged Pytilia.

Pair of African Hawk-Eagles at their nest site.

Blackmith Lapwing stood behind it's nest with two eggs.

Blue Waxbill.

Cinnamon-breasted Bunting at waterhole.

Dark-capped Bulbul at waterhole.

Crested Barbet.

Crested Barbet.

Greyheaded Kingfisher.

Lilacbreasted Roller.

Lilacbreasted Roller taking flight.

Crowned Lapwings mating.

Crowned Lapwing in river.

Crowned Lapwing preening.

Meyer's Parrot.

Meyer's Parrot drinking.

Chacma Baboons silhouetted at sunset on top of river bank.

Mother Chacma Baboon with young baby.

Juvenile Chacma Baboon drinking.

Young Chacma Baboons playing.

Baby dangling upside down below its mother.

The mother puts out a hand to secure her baby.


Time to drink

Two juveniles drinking.

Youngster riding jockey-style on mother's back.

Male Greater Kudu.

Female Greater Kudu.

Greater Kudu calf.

Sunset Cheetah.

More Honey Badger versus Lion action.

Lion cub trying to grip neck of Honey Badger in its jaws.

Honey Badger curled into a defensive ball.

Attacked from all sides !

Female Leopard and cub.

Mother Leopard grooming her cub.


Leopard resting in large riverine tree.

Tree Squirrel drinking.

Water Monitor.

Redheaded Weaver.

Redbilled Queleas at waterhole.










With many thanks to photo guide Janet, ranger Kaizer and tracker Goms.



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