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Kruger Park, South Africa Photo Gallery

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Unique Photos of Mixed Species Nesting Pair involving Goliath and Grey Herons

Mixed Species Nesting Pair of Goliath and Grey Herons on Nest; Grey Heron Preening its mate, a Goliath Heron; Goliath and Grey Herons Intertwining their Necks; Goliath and Grey Herons on Nest, Both with Crests Raised; Goliath Heron Displaying to its Partner, a Grey Heron; Goliath and Grey Herons on their Nest, Showing Height Difference;

Barred Owlet; Juvenile African Harrier-hawk (Gymnogene) hunting in weaver nest; Black Crake Foraging on Water Lilies; Black Crake Chick; Immature Grey Heron; Water Monitor;

Cut-Throat Finch; Blackcrowned Night-Heron; Greenbacked Heron Fishing; Malachite Kingfisher; Female Comb Duck; Male Comb Duck;

Pied Kingfisher; Pied Kingfishers Calling; Purple Heron; Redbilled Oxpecker Plucking Fur from belly of an Impala; Redbilled Oxpecker sitting on back of an impala with a beakful of belly fur; Redbilled Oxpecker and Impala;

Nile Crocodile; Nile Crocodile Fishing; Redbilled Quelea; Reed Cormorant; Slender Mongoose; Snouted Night Adder;

Swainson's Spurfowl (Swainson's Francolin) calling; Tawnyflanked Prinia singing; Baby Vervet Monkey; Two Baby Vervet Monkeys; Male Village Weaver displaying beneath nest; Water Thick-Knee;


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