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Links to Companies that Make/Sell Hides/Blinds or that Specialise in Wildlife Photography from Hides/Blinds.

1. Hide Photography Dot Com

Hide Photography Dot Com is a Hungarian company that provides the highest quality hides for nearly-guaranteed wildlife photography opportunities. Their center in Hungary, with 14 hides at present, is in operation for over 4 years and attracts photographers from all over the world. Through careful planning, astonishing field experience, strict environmental and ethical measure, high-quality construction desires and precise management, dissatisfaction is almost unknown among our members. Indeed, almost everyone leaves our hides with many more and much higher quality images than they ever imagined. This worldwide system of wildlife photography hides is ever expanding, with current hides under construction in Costa Rica, and others being currently researched in Brazil, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique and Australia




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Photo Gallery showcasing wildlife of Pantanal, Brazil: Pantanal Wildlife Gallery

Links to detailed wildlife photo galleries and other pages:

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Dubai Desert Hides and Blinds

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