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Like all projects this one is starting small. As I get more information together I will increase the data available. So please help to make this database more useful. If you know of any hides/blinds that you would recommend please send me details that I can include on this website.

Photographic Hides/Blinds can take many forms. They can be permanent, temporary, seasonal, mobile, floating and so forth.

Floating Hide:

The Floating Hide below is a seasonal hide built on a pontoon boat by Derek Shenton of Shenton Safaris, South Luangwa. The hide is built from local plant materials and is gradually moved into place on a sandbank opposite a nesting colony of Carmine Bee-eaters.



Request for Information: If you would like to add details of your own favourite photographic hides/blinds designs to this database, please send details to the email address shown below. If possible include the following: Clear Diagram of the hide design with dimensions, Approximate Cost of building the hide, Any special information, Photos of the hide during building and when completed. Please send any photos as 50kb JPEGs suitable for use on a website. Please also confirm permission to use the photos and information. I will post your name and email contact details next to the entry for the hide/blind unless you specifically request that I do not do so. Many thanks. The more entries that I receive then the more useful the database will become.

If you operate a business that sells wildlife photography hides and wish me to post a link to your website then please email details to me.

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