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Mating Jaguars photographed at night on a riverine sandbank in the Cuiaba River area of the Pantanal (3 photos) ; Immediately after mating the female Jaguar snarls at and swipes the male, causing a number of cuts on his head ; Female Jaguar resting at night on river bank ; Male Jaguar drinking from river after mating ; Female Jaguar chasing off black vulture ; Female Jaguar partially hidden by tree and riverine vegetation - this is the most typical view of a Jaguar seen by visitors to the area ;

Male Puma photographed at night (brought closer by playing recording of a female Puma in heat) ; Capybara ; Chestnuteared Aracari ; Crab-eating Fox ; Giant Otter eating fish ; Toco Toucan tossing and catching fruit ; Southern Tamandua foraging - a type of anteater ; Sungrebe ; Yacare Caiman ; Southern Caracara ; Rufous Hornero - a type of ovenbird building its mud ('adobe') nest on a tree branch ; Blackcollared Hawk taking flight ; Common Tegu Lizard ; The phenomenally well camouflaged Great Pottoo resting at its regular daytime roost ; Greater Rhea ; Great Black Hawk diving for fish (baited) ; Pair of Hyacinth Macaws - the world's largest macaw ; Hyacinth Macaw leaving nest hole ; Male South American Coati ;



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